Actress and television show host Nadia Khan recently made allegations against a Hollywood actor/producer for allegedly physically abusing her teenage daughter during auditions in Dubai.

According to Khan, she had taken her daughter to a casting session at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in JBR on May 20, however, the unnamed Hollywood actor manhandled her daughter, leaving her confidence completely shattered. Khan said that the incident left her 14-year-old daughter bruised and badly shaken.

After the incident, the morning show host went straight to the police station to file a complaint against the famous actor/producer, who cannot be named according to the procedure.

Terming the audition as a “Disney thing”, Nadia said, “I went to the audition hoping it would be good for my child, but instead got the shock of my life. When my daughter’s turn came, the judge grabbed her roughly from the shoulder and pulled her, leaving her with deep bruises on both arms.”

Nadia Khan took her daughter to Dubai’s Rashid Hospital after the incident, where the medical report confirmed that she had suffered multiple bruises.

“It happened quickly and in front of me and at least 30-40 other parents. Before my daughter, they were auditioning small children. She was the first teenager in that batch. My daughter was given a two-line script but before she could read it, she was grabbed and pushed so hard she fell on one of the parents. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She is my daughter. No one has the right to touch my child let alone subject her to public humiliation and physical abuse,” said Nadia, adding that the incident has shattered her daughter’s confidence. “She was crying all day,” Gulf News quoted her as saying.

Due to the complaint filed by Nadia Khan, the ‘abuser’ was summoned to Al Barsha police station.