A Pakistani-American student by the name of Mehreen Ahmad, was badly beaten and later left in a pool of her own blood outside an apartment building in Perth on Friday night.

Mehreen had moved to Australia two years ago in order to study primary school teaching. She had been living there independently while her family resides in Dubai.
On Friday night, Mehreen was out with friends when someone introduced her to a man named Eduardo Santos Abrahao Filho.

On the same night, Mehreen did not return to her apartment, which she shared with friends, after leaving to get cigarettes. She was later found beaten, unconscious and lying in a pool of her own blood in the stairway of an apartment building in Perth.

She was allegedly bashed in the head by Filho, who had escaped the crime scene.
Specific details of the incident are still unclear as the police is still trying to figure out what actually happened.

Mehreen was immediately rushed to the Royal Perth Hospital after she was discovered lying unconscious in the stair-case. She is still in critical conditions and till now doctors cannot say for sure whether she will fully recover.

The suspect was arrested by the police a day later, and he has been remanded in custody till June 7 after appearing in Perth Magistrates Court on charges of “grievous bodily harm”.

Also present at the court hearing was Mehreen’s close friend, Filho’s brother and a bunch of friends. “Our hearts and prayers go out to Mehreen’s family and we are praying for a speedy recovery for her,” said Ami, a friend of Filho’s.

Mehreen’s family also flew in from Dubai and are now with her during her time of need.