The First Lady of United States (FOTUS), Melania Trump, is on a foreign tour of different countries along with her husband, President Donal Trump, and already a number of questions have popped up regarding her tour.

One of the leading questions on people’s mind is why Melania chose not to cover her head in Saudi Arabia, where women are supposed to cover up by law, and wore a veil while meeting the Pope in the Vatican?

On her visit to Saudi Arabia, Melania wore a conservative black jumpsuit with full sleeves, however, she did not cover her head. When she visited the Pope, the First Lady wore a long-sleeved Dolce & Gabbana black dress and a black veil. She followed in the footsteps of several first ladies before her, who wore veils when having a meeting with the Pope. Other women who were accompanying Melania, including Ivanka Trump, also wore black dresses and veils.

In order to address this question, Stephanie Grisham, a spokesperson for the first lady, explained that Melania was required to wear a black veil, also called a mantilla, because it is part of the Vatican protocol. The protocol requires that women who have an attendance with the Pope must wear long sleeves, formal black clothing and a veil to cover their heads.

In Saudi Arabia, foreigners are not required to cover their heads, and neither did the Saudi government make any such request from the FOTUS.

Because of this, Melania and Ivanka chose not to cover their heads in Saudia Arabia.