It appears that the IT couple will be no more as reports have surfaced that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s relationship is on the rocks. The gossip mill has been churning and it appears that they are about to call it quits!

According to reports, Hadid recently opened up about her troubled relationship with the singer and she revealed on an online gossip website that she will be ending things with him.

The Pillow Talk singer and the super model have been together for two years, but things now they are going through a super rough phase in their relationship.

In her statement to the website, Hadid said that she wants to end her relationship with Malik because she is no longer able to stand his dependent behavior. It has been reported that Malik has anxiety issues and at times he feels insecure with the model. Due to these things, Hadid reportedly feels ‘suffocated’ by him and now things are getting out of hands.

As per an insider, “Zayn still gets incredibly worked up over every little thing and it’s really wearing Gigi out. He’s become dependent on her, and she feels trapped. Everyone around her is convinced she’ll end it by the end of summer.”

Malik has been dealing with anxiety issues but no one really knew that things were this bad. During an interview, the singer said that his anxiety is at a much more ‘manageable level’.

Zayn Malik recently in an interview said that he and Gigi have a totally “normal” relationship and don’t think of themselves as a “power couple,” as they’re portrayed.

“I’m with her because I like her,” he explained. “And I hope she’s with me because she likes me.”