A nine-year-old boy was tied to a donkey and dragged on a farm by a landlord who had inflicted this punishment on the boy because his donkey trespassed on his property.

The brutal incident took place in Abbottabad by a landlord who owned farms in the region and would cultivate crops on the land. The area where the incident took place has been identified as village Kangar Mera, which lies in the jurisdiction of Lora police station.

According to the details of the incident provided, the boy, identified as Muzammal, son of Sher Afzal, suffered fatal injuries after he was tied to the donkey and later the beast dragged him into the fields. The landlord, identified as Meskeen, had allegedly tied the boy to the donkey and later whipped the beast so that it would run very fast, causing injuries to the boy.

When the village people saw the heinous punishment, they rushed to the donkey and untied the boy. He was rushed to the Rural Health Center Lora, where he succumbed to his injuries.

After the terrible incident, the locals of the area blocked the road and protested against the brutality inflicted by the landlord. The police took action and arrested Meskeen.

DPO Abbottabad Syed Ashfaq Anwar, while confirming the incident, said that FIR has been registered and the investigation has started. He assured that “Justice will be served to the family of deceased.”

Police officers reported that during investigations, Meskeen revealed that the donkeys and goats frequently damaged his crops and he had warned the boy repeatedly to take the donkey away, but he paid no heed.