An Indian spiritual leader died in January last year, but his body is still being kept in a freezer because his followers believe that he will come back to life. In the beginning of this month, an Indian court allowed his disciples to preserve his body in a freezer because they believe he is in a deep state of meditation and will eventually return to life.

The guru, Ashutosh Maharaj, was the founder of multi-million dollar sect called Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan (Divine Light Awakening Mission), which has millions of followers worldwide. He apparently died of a cardiac arrest in January 2014, and since then he is being kept in a commercial freezer at his heavily guarded 100 acre ashram in the northern state of Punjab.

Maharaj’s son, Dalip Kumar Jha wants his father’s body to be cremated as per Hindu traditions, and for this reason he filed a petition in the court. However, the court dismissed the three year old petition by Jha and instead gave the verdict in the disciples’ favor.

Jha’s lawyer, S P Soi told AFP that it was unclear whether or not the court approved the sect’s argument that Maharaj was alive.
“But they dismissed our petition which is disappointing and we will challenge it in the Supreme Court,” said Soi.

Maharaj had amassed billions of worth of property in different parts of the world, including India, and his son believes that his followers are not letting him get cremated so that they can control his late father’s estates.