A deadly attack left several children scarred for life as masked gunmen burst into a children’s party in central Mexico and killed all the adults who were present there. The innocent children witnessed the gruesome scene and were left terrified.

According to the details provided, the gunmen burst into a children’s party which was being held in the city of Tizayuca in the central state of Hidalgo. They killed 11 adults, including seven men and four women.

The family was hosting a children’s party in a tent outside their home when four gunmen burst into a the tent and opened fire at the grown-ups present there. Four children were found unharmed according to the public security spokesman David Pichardo.

One of the children told the authorities that masked men wearing police uniforms had arrived at their party just around midnight, and killed all the adults.

Authorities cordoned off the area of the gruesome murders and collected evidence which might lead towards the criminals. The entrance to the entire neighborhood was blocked on Thursday so that forensic experts could do their work.

So far it is not clear what the motive behind these murders was but Mexico has been plagued by drug wars for years. A surge of deadly violence has been witnessed in recent months in which entire families, including children have been killed by drug mafias.

The violence is fueled by powerful, ultra-violent drug cartels.