Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is under extreme pressure to resign from his post after the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) investigating the money laundering case against his family, presented its findings to the Supreme Court (SC). The report found major disparities in the money trail provided of the Sharif family’s assets.

Despite the pressure, the PM chaired a parliamentary party meeting of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Friday, and reiterated his decision not to resign.

The entire cabinet and other prominent members of the party were present in the meeting, in which the premier said that his conscience is clear due to which he will not resign and will continue to fight for the people of Pakistan till the end.

Sharif said that the country has been going through ups and downs during the last 70 years and he will weather this storm for his country as well. The premier added that in the past, governments have been dismissed on accusations of corruption and being a ‘security risk’.

The PM continued the meeting by highlighting the achievements his party had attained saying that he has set up various development projects, including power generation schemes and motorways, in Karachi and Punjab but not a single allegation of corruption has surfaced.

“No political family has ever presented itself for accountability the way we have,” he said, adding that he never made any deals or signed NROs with anyone to save their skin.

All the members of the cabinet backed the premier and urged his to fight this battle with valor.