Project Ghazi is Pakistan’s first superhero film, so a number of people were anxiously waiting for its release which was scheduled for 14 July. However, that release date has been pushed forward and a new date has not been released yet.

According to the details provided, the film was premiered to a specific set of audience on its premier night, but it was not well-received because of the quality of the film.

The film stars Humayun Saeed, Syra Shahroz and Sheheryar Munawar, and the quality of the movie suffered from several technical issues, according to a source who had seen the movie.

According to reports, producers were not willing to delay the release but it was upon Saeed’s insistence that the release date was pushed forward.

Producer Syed Ali Raza confirmed, saying, “We cannot say much right now but yes, Project Ghazi release will not release on July 14 as planned. There are some technical issues to be fixed. We cannot state the future release date at the moment but we will announce very soon.”

The announcement was then made official on the movie’s official Facebook page.

“It is with a heavy heart that we are making the announcement that Project Ghazi’s release date has been postponed. We understand that this was a highly anticipated movie, but films of this magnitude require extensive technical work and hence to do justice to this film genre, we have decided to delay the release from July 14, 2017. The new release date will be announced soon.”

Meanwhile the official distributers of the film, Distribution Club, have also decided to comply to the producer’s decision.

“As distributors, we had to preview the film but we, unfortunately, couldn’t. As far as the release is concerned, the producers have the final call. They have commented that it won’t release as planned so I’m pretty sure it won’t,” Sabina Islam of Distribution Club told local reporters.

The cinema owners were not happy about this delay as most of them had already sold advance tickets to the show and scheduled their timings for the month.