Rajabbi Khurshed belonged to a conservative Tajik family and at the age of 18, she was married off to a man she had never met before. Zafar Pirov, 24, tied the know with his teenage bride in May and just 40 days after the wedding, the girl killed herself after her husband accused her of not being a virgin and demanded that he take a second wife.

The incident took place in a Tajik village called Chorbogh, where both the families lived. According to the Tajik law, women and men are obliged to undergo a prenuptial medical examination. This examination is mostly conducted to screen the pair for any transmittable diseases like HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis etc., but families also include a ‘purity’ test for the girl to determine if she is a virgin or not.

According to the details provided, Khurshed had passed the virginity test before her marriage and had a certificate to prove it, but Pirov did not believe her. He humiliated his wife and insisted on further tests to be conducted. Kurshed even passed those tests but Pirov was adamant that his wife was not a virgin and he told her that he would get a second wife.

Unable to bear the pressure, Khurshed committed suicide by drinking a fatal dose of vinegar. On her death bet, she told her family that she is ending her life because she could no longer bear the pressure from her husband.
Pirov now faces charges of driving his new wife to suicide and could face up to eight years in prison if found guilty.