Three people, including a mother and her daughter, were killed in the name of honor in a rural area of the federal capital. The incident was discovered on Monday after police got a call from a concerned neighbor in Madina Colony in Sangjani.

The owner of the house where the victim’s family was residing observed blood spilling into the drains from inside. The owner lived in a nearby house and he immediately called the police when he noticed the blood spilling in the drains.

When the police broke into the house identified by the owner, they found a woman’s body lying in the veranda. A body of a man and another woman were found on the floor of a room. Multiple stab wounds on the bodies of the victims, including the abdomen, neck, face and arms were found on the victims. The victims also bore torture marks which showed that the killer had ensured that they suffered before they were killed.

The victims have been identified as Saeedullah, Miraj Bibi and her daughter Jamila Bibi. Miraj Bibi’s husband is being speculated as being the killer. He fled with his eight other children and his whereabouts are still unknown.

The family belonged to Buner in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it is not clear when they moved to the capital.

Saeedullah’s family was contacted and his father and brother arrived at the scene where they identified his body. They did not recognize the two women but said that they were probably distant relatives.

Meanwhile the police are looking for the suspects and have launched a case against him.