Due to the climate change, heavy rains are lashing across the world in different countries and causing major havoc. Among other cities, Mumbai has also been receiving unprecedented rains in this time of the year resulting in many deaths.

According to the latest reports, a residential building came crashing down in India’s capital of Mumbai on Thursday morning, due to the heavy rains. Rescue officials are now desperately searching for the inhabitants of the building which are said to be trapped inside the rubble.

The four-storey high apartment building collapsed at around 08:40 am on Thursday morning when most of the people were getting ready to leave for work. The building was situated in the densely populated area of Bhendi Bazaar.

An official in the control room of India’s National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) said one body had been pulled from the rubble.

Four people have been rescued but dozens more are thought to be trapped, he added.

“Forty people are believed to be stuck inside and a 43-member team is conducting rescue operations,” the official told AFP.

He said eight or nine families were thought to have been living in the building.

Heavy rains began on Tuesday in Mumbai and caused flooding across the city and in the neighboring region of Thane. During the monsoon season, several buildings collapse in Mumbai due to bad construction, poor quality material or aging infrastructure. Most of these buildings are also over-populated as big families are forced to live in small apartments due to poverty.