It appears that the Bishop at Sacred Heart Cathedral got played by Maryam Nawaz as she used the church as a platform for political campaigning for her mother’s upcoming election.

According to reports, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Maryam Nawaz had asked to visit a church in the NA-120 constituency, to pray for her ailing mother Kulsoom Nawaz. However, the event turned political when she started campaigning on her mother’s behalf for the upcoming NA-120 elections.

In a video, Fr Francis Gulzar revealed that Provincial Minister Tahir Khalil Sandhu and MPA Shakeel Marcus had informed the cathedral administration that the ousted prime minister’s daughter wished to visit the church to say prayers for her ailing mother, Kulsoom Nawaz.

“Keeping in mind that a place of worship is a home for prayers, the church administration allowed Maryam Nawaz to visit,” said Francis. “It was decided unanimously that the lady will speak about herself and her family members’ association with Christian schools.”

However, after standing on the pulpit and thanking the Christian community for their prayers, Maryam started urging congregants to cast vote in favour of her mother.

In the statement, Francis said that Maryam Nawaz’s political address from the Sacred Heart Cathedral’s pulpit had hurt the sentiments of many, including the church administration. “For which Honorable Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw and church administration apologises,” he said.

In the same statement, the church’s administration said that it will not close its doors to people of other faiths but at the same time, the sacred place will not be used for political activity.