It appears that the Blue Whale Challenge has found its way into the sub-continent as an Indian teenager was saved twice, trying to take her life in order to complete the challenge.

The Blue Whale Challenge incites children and teenagers to indulge in dangerous and bizarre activities, eventually resulting in taking their own lives.

According to the reports obtained by the Indian police, the 17-year-old girl was rescued for the second time in Jodhpur, while she was trying to take her own life. She was rushed to the hospital after she consumed a dangerous amount of tablets kept in the house. The doctors moved her to the ICU so that her vital organs could be closely monitored.

According to the owner of the hospital, Dr KR Daukiya, the class 10 student is out of danger. “When the girl was brought here last morning, she was quite stressed. But after the treatment, she spoke about how she got into it (the Blue Whale challenge).”

The girl is the daughter of a Border Security Force officer, who had initially tried to end her life by jumping into a lake just last week. The girl left home on her scooty claiming to go to the market but when she did not return her family became concerned and called on her phone. When a stranger picked up, they knew that something was wrong.

It was reported that the girl was seen circling around the lake and eventually jumped inside. When the divers and the police rescued her, she was found in a distraught state and kept repeating that if she did not complete her task, her mother would die.

The girl is now receiving counseling for depression and an eye is being kept out on her social media accounts.