A Karachi-bound Saudi Airlines flight from Madina put passengers in a lot of distress as the air conditioning was not working, raising the temperature of the cabin to unbearable degrees.

The flight took off after a delay of three hours and to top it off, the air conditioning was faulty which really upset the passengers who were returning home after performing Hajj.

According to reports, many passengers fainted on the plane due to suffocation and a rise in cabin temperature. A video showing scenes from the aircraft has gone viral in which the passengers can be seen fanning themselves with leaflets while some elderly pilgrims passed out in front of the exit.

The Saudi Airlines flight SV-06 was scheduled to arrive in Karachi during the afternoon on Saturday but it got delayed by three hours due to unknown reasons. When passengers finally got on the plane, they saw that the air hostesses were sweating profusely and the temperature inside the cabin was very high.

When the passengers asked about the problem with air conditioning, they were told that it will get fixed once the plane takes-off. However, this did not happen during the entire duration of the flight, causing people to complain to the staff.

After a while the staff starting misbehaving with the passengers and told them that nothing can be done about the situation. It was later found out that the air conditioning was working perfectly in the cockpit.

When the Saudi Airlines office was contacted in Karachi, an officer attended the call but said that they were not authorized to comment on the incident.