Lebanon’s ‘most powerful’ woman Major Suzan Hajj Hobeiche was fired from her job as the head of the Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau, after she liked a controversial tweet which made fun of Saudi Arabia’s royal decree allowing women to drive.

Hobeiche reportedly ‘liked’ a tweet by a Lebanese by the name of Charbel Khalil who made a sarcastic joke about the latest Saudi decree allowing women to drive. Khalil joked; “The news women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia was incomplete. They were allowed to drive cars only if they were booby-trapped,” he wrote in Arabic, Gulf News reported.

The tweet caused a stir and drew ire from Lebanese people, prompting the officer to quickly unlike the tweet and deactivate her account. However, the damage had been done as a Twitter user had already taken a screenshot of her ‘liking’ the controversial tweet and he posted it on social media, which eventually led to her firing.

According to some sources, the incident was used against her by people who did not want her to continue on such a powerful position which she had been holding since 2012.

Hobeiche has a master’s degree in Computer Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Communication Engineering.

She has served as adviser for several anti-drug and women’s rights NGOs since 2005, and has been a coordinator at the Ministry of Social Affairs since 2004.

So far she has not responded to the decision of her being fired for this action.

Last Tuesday, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud ordered an end to the ban on women drivers by the end of next year. This move is seen as a great step towards the liberation of women in suppressed society.