A top educational institute in Karachi, Institute of Business and Management (IoBM) is making rounds on social media these days for an episode involving a teacher getting schooled on ‘improper attire’.

According to the details of the incident provided, a female visiting faculty member was stopped at the entrance gate of the institute and got lectured by a security in-charge over her ‘improper attire’.

The teacher did not keep mum about the episode and shared her experience on social media.

“Today, I was rudely stopped at the [IoBM] gate by a weird man who said he was the security head, and told that I wasn’t ‘following the dress code’,” the female faculty wrote. “Ladies, please help me understand, how I am a security threat?”

The post got viral on social media and many others joined in and shared their experiences on how they were often ‘humiliated’ by the security officials at the college.

This is not the first time that females have raised their voice against IoBM management in this regard as even last year a student movement was launched. A group of female students made a group on social media to amass support against ‘moral policing’ of security guards and college management.

However, instead of supporting the students, IoBM immediately called a disciplinary committee against the admins of the group and asked their parents to guarantee that their daughters won’t wear ‘un-Islamic’ attire in the college.

“They told our parents that if we keep on wearing inapt clothes, the Taliban might attack our college,” a student shared on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile the public relations department of the institute has declined to comment on the issue.