Three Chinese women went under the knife hoping that their faces would become unrecognizable due to their improved features. Little did they know that they would literally become unrecognizable due to all the swelling on their face.

According to the this bizarre episode, three Chinese women were detained in South Korea, after their post-plastic surgery faces looked nothing like the faces which were on their passport photos. The officials barred the women from boarding the airplane which was supposed to take them home to their home country because their faces did not match the ones on their passports.

According to the details provided, the three women-whose identities were not shared-flew last week to the top plastic-surgery destination in South Korea. They took this trip during China’s Golden Week, which is a national holiday in which residents are encouraged to take paid vacations.

The three women decided to go under the knife during their vacations and their faces became so swollen that no one could recognize them.

Pictures of the three women emerged on social media in which they can be seen wrapped in chin-to-dome in bandages.

The women can be seen arguing with the immigration officers and showing them their tickets and travel documents. It is not known whether the women were allowed to travel back home or not.

South Korea has become a top destination for people seeking cheap plastic surgery options. Some plastic surgery options also include treatments followed by safari trips in Africa, where people can recuperate.