When a person decides to enroll in their country’s army, they sacrifice their comfort and life to serve their motherland. However, it appears that India does not give the same kind of respect back to its fallen soldiers as a recent picture has surfaced which shows the dead bodies of soldiers wrapped in cardboard boxes.

As soon as the image surfaced, it caused a huge public outcry and led to many people questioning the ways of the Indian army.

According to the details of the incident provided, last Friday an army helicopter crashed in the Indian state of Arunanchal Pradesh, which borders China, killing all seven officials on-board. The rescue teams were quickly called to the scene and officials were able to pull out all the bodies. However, transporting them to the army base became a problem as there were no coffins available.

When the officials couldn’t find the coffins, they placed the bodies in cardboard boxes and shifted them to the base. However, at that point someone took pictures of the boxes containing the bodies and posted them on social media.

Officials belonging from the Indian army were upset over the incident and they took to social media to complain about the entire episode saying that people who dedicate their lives to their country, do not even get respect when they die.

The leaked images caused a huge outcry and highlighted the fact that the Indian army and the air force do not even have the basic equipment to ferry home their dead soldiers in a dignified manner.