Famous actress and TV show host Noor Bukhari has announced that she has quit the entertainment industry and lately, she has also been seen covering herself with hijab. Her fans were left surprised over this decision when the 35-year-old actress announced that she no longer plans to do any movies or TV shows in the future.

It has been learnt that Noor also recently got divorced from singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan, who was her fourth husband. The change in Noor’s bearings came after the divorce.

“I was going through a time which was laced with emotional trauma and other hardships that I don’t want do think about,” the actor told a local news channel.

The Bhai Log star also shared her future plans and spoke of how lucky she feels to be on this spiritual journey. “I think I am lucky to be on this path. I truly believe that you don’t choose to be close to Allah but that He chooses you. I am grateful I was chosen.”

Noor also reminisced about her Lollywood career saying, “Fame and respect can be earned in any profession and I attained that in Lollywood because of my hard work and honesty.”

However, the star reaffirmed that she will never go back to the showbiz life despite enjoying success. “I have detached myself from all ongoing projects and will not be taking further part in them,” Noor stated, adding that she will now observe the hijab regularly and will not leave her house without it.

When her now ex-husband was asked about this drastic change, he preferred to keep mum about it and just wished Noor well for the future.