It appears that more and more women from around the world are finding the courage to speak against their abusers after American actress Alyssa Milano started the #MeToo campaign to speak up about sexual assault and abuse.

In a recent series of events, Canadian producer Gilbert Rozon was hit by allegations of sexual abuse involving nine different women. Following these allegations, ‘France has Incredible Talent’, which was scheduled for its 12th season to premier on October 26, has been cancelled.

According to the details provided, nine differnet women went public on Wednesday with allegations of sexual misconduct by Rozon. These allegations come shortly after Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was also brought under the same allegations by a number of female celebrities.

Following the allegations against him, Rozon gave up his seat as head of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations and vice-president of the metropolitan Montreal Board of Trade, and later took to Facebook to apologize;

“Shaken by the allegations against me, I want to dedicate all my time to review the matter,” Rozon wrote. “To all those who I may have offended in my life, I’m sincerely sorry.”

Rozon wrote that he was resigning “out of respect for the employees and the families that work for these organizations as well as all our partners.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out Thursday regarding the allegations, saying the issue of harassment “means the world to me.”

“I think we’re seeing a moment of awakening, whether it’s the news from Hollywood… or now what we’re seeing in the Quebec cultural areas,” Trudeau said.

“It’s unacceptable for anyone to feel insecure or harassed at work, at home, in the streets. And I think people are beginning to get it.”

Canadian police have meanwhile encouraged other potential victims to come forward, saying in a Twitter message: “We are listening.”