A girl and a gang supporting her are on the loose in Sargodha where they dupe men by marrying her off to them and later scurrying away with their belongings.

A recent episode came to light in which a newlywed bride robber her husband and in-laws and managed to run away on the second day of the marriage along with the jewelry and other items.

The groom identified as Muhammad Asif, accepted before the court of additional district and sessions judge Sargodha Zulfikar Ali that he got married to a woman identified as Erum, who later ran away after robbing him and his family.

He told the judge that the bride fed sleeping pills to the entire family while they were busy making preparations for the Walima on the second day of the marriage.

Asif shared that the family later on also learnt that the woman had given a false name at the time of her nikkah, and she is already a mother of five children.

The judge ordered that the bride and her accomplices should be arrested and summoned a report over the matter from police.

Asif further told the judge that the driver of deputy mayor Sargodha had played an instrumental rold in the matrimonial.

Earlier, a similar case had emerged in Sargodha where an 18-year-old girl named Sana would marry unsuspecting men and run off with their belongings the next day after drugging them.

The girl, in a span of four months, married seven times and deprived people of their valuable possessions.

The case came to attention, after affected grooms, Allah Dutta and Azhar Mahmood, presented their Nikah contracts before a session court.

The court in its ruling ordered the girl to be sent to prison.

The group working with the girl included her alleged brother, father and ‘Nikahkhawan’ (marriage registrar), who were also found to be fraud.

The marriages weren’t registered correctly anywhere.