Hundreds of people from all walks of life marched together to support one common cause—to stand against sexual violence and speak up about its dangers.

The crowd mostly comprised of women but men also showed up to show their support and to raise awareness about this issue which is mostly kept under the covers.

The march was inspired by a social media campaign that started with the #MeToo hashtag. The campaign was started by a Hollywood actress who had been abused by famous producer Harvey Weinstein. She urged other women to speak up against sexual abuse and since then throngs of men and women have come forward claiming to have been victimized by high-power figures in the entertainment industry.

The march represented men and women who had been sexually abused as children and in other situations as well.

“I’ve been sexually assaulted multiple times throughout my life,” said marcher Tara McNamarra, 21, of Los Angeles. “It’s affected me in every aspect of my life.”

She said the march was cleansing after years of not being taken seriously about having been abused.

Steven Murphy, 51, of Los Angeles, said he regularly witnessed sexual harassment while working as an accountant in the healthcare industry.

“I’ve had personal experiences of friends, of co-workers who were harassed, and nothing ever came of it,” Murphy said. “They were made out to be the guilty ones. They were pressured and harassed by the company for speaking out against assault and sexual harassment in the workplace.”

People started marching bearing signs and slogans which highlighted different aspects of sexual abuse. The march started at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue and ended at the Los Angeles headquarters of news network CNN at Sunset Boulevard.