Actress Meera, whose real name is Irtiza Rubab, recently expressed her dismay over the slow pace at which her jactitation of marriage case had been proceedings. The actress waited nine years before the court finally decided to release the verdict on the case.

Meera had filed a lawsuit seeking orders to restrain her self-proclaimed husband from calling her his wife. The court will finally announce the decision in the case today, after nine years of it being filed.

According to the details provided, the case was filed by the actress on July 25, 2009. However, it kept on lingering because of Attiqur Rehman, who is Meera’s self-proclaimed husband. He submitted over a dozen applications, which kept hindering the pace of the case.

Most the petitions sought orders to get the actress medically examined to prove that she is his wife. It was also requested in the petitions to restrain Meera from going abroad and from contracting another marriage. There was also a lawsuit seeking possession of a house, claiming it Rehman’s property where Meera was living.

“This case has no legal position as it is completely based on forged documents,” she said. “Surprisingly, it took nine years for the court to decide this case,” Meera remarked. She said everywhere in the world, family cases were decided within three to six months, but her case lingered on for nine years.

“I wonder what happens to the poor women of society who remain trapped.”

Meanwhile there are reports that Meera will be getting married to her fiancé, soon after this case is decided.