The name of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters became known after she won the pageant title for Miss Universe 2017. A lot of people were charmed by her beauty and her personality. However, another one of her qualities is bravery as is evidenced by an account which she shared recently about having been attacked by criminals.

According to the model herself, she was carjacked at gunpoint by three men in Johannesburg back in April—just a month after she had won the title for Miss South Africa.

Luckily, Demi-Leigh was able to save herself as she is a self-defense trainer! Being trained at the art of defending herself, the model was able to quash her assailants and save her life. She punched one of them in the throat and made a quick getaway from the attempted kidnapping.

“I saw them approaching me, three to my left and another on the other side, and I knew by their eyes what they were coming to do. I was petrified but prepared for what was coming,” Demi-Leight shared. “I had at least three guns pointed at me. I climbed out of the car but they told me to climb back in because I was coming with them.”

She continued, “He was dazed [after being punched] and pushed me into the car. I forced my way out and ran as fast as I could into traffic to get help.”

The incident made her more determined to teach other women how to protect themselves if faced with such a dangerous situation. This initiative will be her first project after winning the crown.

Demi-Leigh beat out Columbia’s Laura Gonzalez and took the title from Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere.

She will be spending the next year at a luxury apartment in New York City and receive a handsome salary to help her carry out her duties under the title of Miss Universe.