Money usually gets most of the problems sorted, and this is what we are seeing in the latest DHA murder case, in which the main suspect is getting preferential treatment by the police!

According to the details provided, the main accused in the DHA hit-and-run case—Khawar Burney—has been given an air-conditioned room at the Sea View police station in Karachi.

Burney is accused of shooting to death a college student and injuring another person following a road rage incident in which a car hit a motorbike rider and instead of stopping, tried to flee. Seeing this, Burney and his friends chased the car down and the main accused then opened fire on the people in the car.

The incident took place in Karachi’s Defense Phase VIII area on Sunday afternoon, and by the evening the police had rounded up all the suspects and even compounded the vehicle used. However, justice has been slow since then.

Khawar Burney is the son of Ishtiaq Burney, who is an influential player in Karachi’s automotive market. The prosecuting lawyer and the victim’s family have been requesting that Khawar be charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), but so far the police have refused to book him under it.

The lawyer has also accused the police of showing leniency towards the accused because of his influence.

Earlier, a judicial magistrate had ordered a two-day physical remand of Burney who has been arrested on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Meanwhile the victim of the accident maintains that he does not know Burney and his friends and that they were just helping him after he got hit by the car. However, things got out of control when Burney tried to take justice in his own hands.