Two members of a Jirga have been arrested in Karachi for their involvement in the brutal killing of a newly-wed couple in Mominabad area of the city.

The couple was killed by their own families and members of a Jirga after its head had handed out their death sentence for the sole reason that they married out of choice. So far the Karachi police have arrested nine members of the Jirga and are on the lookout for more suspects who were involved in this gruesome crime.

According to the details provided, two of the members, identified as Ziaul Haq and Ghulam Rasool, accepted their role in the killing in the court of judicial magistrate (west). While they have been arrested, they are also being interrogated to find out more details about the crime and those involved.

According to the suspects, family members of both the girl and the boy took part in the murders of the directives of the Jirga on November 22. The head of the Jirga and his sons first tortured the couple and then murdered them.

The ill-fated couple, 24-year-old Hadi and Miskeen had married out of choice and eloped. This act infuriated their respective families and they immediately sought the Jirga’s help in punishing the couple for brining disgrace to the families.

“The parents, brothers of couple live in Nawab Colony. When I went to investigate, they confessed that in the jirga both the parties decided to kill the man and woman,” said Qasim Hameed, a policeman.

Police further said the deceased woman’s father and brother were on the run.

“We didn’t kill them. Miskeen (woman’s father) murdered them. He sent a message to us that your son ran with my daughter again so I have killed them,” father of the man told Geo News.

The bodies of both the victims were quietly buried the next day at a graveyard near their homes.