A woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl during a Pakistan International Flight (PIA) from Medina to Multan. The incident took place on Tuesday and both mother and baby are said to be doing fine.

“Miracles happen everyday and we had our little miracle today onboard our flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan,” the Pakistan International Airlines said in a statement issued on their Facebook page. “A beautiful baby girl was born!”

The cabin crew assisted with the emergency delivery. “The parents were over joyed and expressed their gratitude to the cabin crew members who helped with the delivery.”

While many people were very happy to hear the news, there were others who were concerned about the fact that a full-term pregnant woman was allowed to travel in a plane. Many people on Twitter questioned PIA management that how the woman was able to travel.

Speaking to a local newspaper, PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said that the medical professional from Civil Aviation had informed the airline that the delivery was premature. He further added that the woman ‘did not appear to be full term’ to the crew members when she boarded the plane. He also said that the security check falls under the ground staff of an airport and not the airline.

Tajwar revealed that the flight was diverted to Karachi, due to weather conditions in Multan, where the baby and mother were examined by the doctors. They were given a go-ahead to travel to Multan.

Every airline has a different policy when it comes to offering free air travel to babies who are born mid-air. So far PIA has not announced that it will be giving away free tickets to the baby.