A transgender man has given birth to a baby five years after having his first child while still living as a woman.

The news made headlines worldwide as a man was seen holding a new born baby in his arms. It was later revealed that the father is a 30-year-old transgender man identified as Kaci Sullivan from Wisconsin. He is the first man in history to ever give birth living as both a man as well as a woman.

Sullivan’s first child is a five-year-old boy named Grayson, whom he had with his ex-husband. Grayson was born while Sullivan was still living as a woman before transitioning.

Sullivan documented his entire pregnancy on the internet and also has a YouTube channel called My Trans Pregnancy.

In his latest pregnancy, Sullivan went through 26 weeks of morning sickness and seven days of labour. He eventually delivered a healthy baby through C-Section.

The baby has been named Phoenix and the parents have decided to keep his gender a secret till the time the child grows up and decides for him or herself with which gender he chooses to grow up as.

Phoenix was conceived when Sullivan took a break from taking male hormones. Sullivan and his partner decided that they wanted to have a baby and he conceived after six months of trying.

“The moment the baby came out and I got to hear them cry was indescribable,” Sullivan said. “It’s incredible to think that I had made this little human.

“After 26 weeks of morning sickness and seven days in labour it was such a beautiful moment. We are just so happy and grateful and enjoying spending time together as a family. The baby is delightful, loving and sweet.”

“The connection I’ve felt to them throughout my pregnancy has been an incredible privilege and the last nine months have brought my partner and I so close together.”

Sullivan added that he refused to engage with people who were “perturbed” by the idea of him giving birth.

The baby is now feeding with breast milk provided by donors.