It appears that Shaan Shahid is not taking the failure of his new release, Arth-The Destination, well as the star lashed out at film critics for lambasting his movie.

Arth received a luke warm response at the box office with cinemas reporting occupancy rates as low as 40 percent. Exhibitors confirmed that the new movie has been able to garner between 18-40% occupancy at best.

Even the critics have not been very generous with their comments on the movie and have written bad reviews about it.

However, Shaan has painted a different picture through his posts and tweets, showcasing just the positive comments which people had to make. Not just that, he even suffered a public meltdown while defending his film in the words of a journalist that he ‘just posted’.

Shaan deleted the original post but in it he had alleged that the reason his film did not receive positive feedback was the fact that it had been released from Lahore. He tried to pit the ‘Karachiwalas’ against Arth, saying that they did not like it since it was released from Lahore.

Interestingly, comedian Ali Gul Pir’s tweet, which wasn’t even tweeted directly at Shaan, further irked him. “Our so-called artists need to grow up. Ever heard of Meryl Streep or Christian Bale bitching about critics on their social media. No because they believe in their art and don’t care about others. Unlike our celebs who haven’t even done half as good work but act like they invented film form,” tweeted Pir.

Shaan popped up and said, “And with all due respect, I will not compare you to any artists anywhere because I can’t find a suitable comparison anywhere. I hope you understand.” He continued, “We are grown-ups but not for lies. And the choice of words is loathed with arsenic, hate and disrespect. It’s time we strike back at not criticism but lack of knowledge.” He even pointed that ‘critics’ were misinforming the audience that the film is three hours in duration when it’s actually two hours and 13 minutes.

Despite his defensive tweets and posts, the movie is really not doing well in cinemas and even cinema owners are concerned about their revenues. We hope that 2018 will be a better year for Pakistani cinema.