Famous VJ and TV show host Anoushey Ashraf has found her Mr Right and she recently introduced him to the world through her social media account.

The morning show host took to Instagram to unveil her mystery man and wrote; “It’s been a long time coming! As the New Year dawns upon us, allow me to introduce you to my soon to be better half. He’s really very cute, but most importantly… he’s funny and he’s kind. And that’s all that ever mattered!”

“Say hello to Salar Farooki guys! Send across all the duas, MashAllahs and all other blessings you have. That’s all we need from you for the coming new year and for the rest of our lives InshAllah,” she added.

“May we grow old traveling, rescuing animals, planting trees and hugging those who come across us!”

Anoushey is known as a person who loves animals and it appears through her post that her soon-to-be husband also shares the same passion.

The former VJ did not succumb to societal pressure to marry at a certain age and waited till she found the perfect match. She gave the credit for this to her parents, and gave a special shout out to them;

“Special shoutout to my amazing parents who put no pressure on me all these years. And for all those ladies in Pakistan who’re under pressure to marry but just don’t feel it yet, am wayyy past the average marriageable age for our so called standards but I did know one thing all along,” wrote Anoushey.

“It has to be what ultimately feels right. It has to be my decision. Whenever I’m ready. Age is irrelevant. Starting this new chapter of our lives with trust, mutual respect, friendship and a whole lotta love! Nervous sure, but very happy!!”

We wish the couple the very best for the future.