It appears that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan likes to keep his personal matters from his sisters as even they learnt about the prospects of his third marriage through media sources.

It has been learnt that Khan’s sisters once again were kept in the dark regarding his third marriage prospects.

The entire nation got a surprise when it was reported that the PTI chairman had tied the knot for the third time. A news publication had reported that Khan had gotten married to Bushra Maneka on January 1, and his close friends and family members attended the event in Lahore.

Initially PTI rubbished the news but on Sunday, a statement was released to clarify the matter. In the statement it was said that no marriage took place but the chairman had sent a proposal to Bushra Maneka and was awaiting her response.

It was further said that if Bushra accepted the proposal, Khan would definitely announce the news of his marriage to the people.

According to reports, Khan had not taken his sisters into confidence when he got married to journalist Reham Khan in 2015. His sisters did not approve of those nuptials and that marriage ended after just 10 months.

However, his sisters claimed that Khan would take them into confidence if he got married for the third time. Turns out that even this time around they were kept in the dark as they did not know that Khan had already sent a proposal to Maneka.

This fact was substantiated by Khan’s relatives who further told reporters that upon finding out about the third marriage rumors, all of his sisters went to Islamabad to separate ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’.