The gruesome rape and murder case of eight-year-old girl from Kasur, Zainab, has really shaken the entire country. After the case came to the limelight, people from all walks of life registered their anger over it and demanded that justice be served.

The Inspector General of Punjab Police on Thursday submitted an autopsy report of the victim to the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan. In the report it was claimed that so far 227 people have been interrogated in the Zainab murder case and all efforts are being made to ensure that the culprit is caught soon.

A medical examination report was also submitted along in which details of the victim’s body were given. The examination was carried out by Women Medical Center and it was stated that Zainab’s body was partially covered in mud and the remains were decayed, indicating that it had been in the dump for a few days. The child also suffered from multiple injuries including bone fractures.

“A large number of CCTV footages of various cameras installed on nearby roads/streets were worked out by a number of personnel. The IT team managed to work out the video footage of the unidentified suspect taking the girl in the remote area of Peru Wala Road of Kasur,” the report read.

According to the details provided in the report, Zainab went to her Quran class on January 4, at 7:00 pm, along with her cousin named Muhammad Usman. The two children took the Road Kot of the city but eventually Usman reached his tutor’s house but Zainab did not.

The tutor presumed that Zainab did not come on that particular day and that she might have returned home. However, when she found out that Zainab was not even at home, she informed her family. On knowing about her disappearance, the complainant Muhammad Adnan along with his brother and nephew started a search for her. Subsequently, the complainant informed rescue 15 at 9: 30 pm that he has strong suspicion that his niece had been abducted by unidentified men.

Eventually a case was registered and search for the little girl began, which culminated after her remains were found in a trash dump.

The IG informed the court that all efforts were being made to apprehend the suspect. A reward of Rs10 million is also being offered to anyone who comes up with information regarding the suspect.