It appears that the Kasur murder suspect, Imran Ali, had a criminal record but was still on the loose. It has been learnt that Imran Ali had been booked for an abduction case which took place in Islamabad five months ago.

Two days ago, Rawalpindi’s Regional Police Officer (RPO) had sought the criminal record of the murder suspect, which was available with Banni Police Station, Saidpur Road. A case had been registered against him at the same police station for the abduction of a married woman.

“Two days ago the RPO office sought all record of Imran Ali available with Banni Police Station, Saidpur Road. The police are also trying to get some clues from the case which was registered at the police station some five months ago,” an official deployed at the police station told reporters.

The police sources said Imran’s criminal record along with the entire file of the cases registered last year had been sought by the office of RPO.

The records show that Ali had been nominated on August 30, 2017 for allegedly kidnapping a married woman, Irum Sagheer, in the jurisdiction of the police station under case number 364.

It was revealed in the police documents that Zainab’s suspected killer had kidnapped Irum with the help of a man and a woman. However, he was later granted bail against a surety bond of Rs50,000 when the relatives of the woman pardoned him under mysterious circumstances.

Rawalpindi police are now trying to uncover the five-month-old abduction mystery in order to know the scope of the real criminal record of Imran Ali.