Ever since the first episode of drama serial Baaghi was aired on the television, the show has been sparking controversy for one reason or the other.

A lot of people criticized the producers of the show for distorting Qandeel Baloch’s life and misrepresenting facts, while others have said that the show is too extravagant.

Recently, Baaghi got nominated for five categories of the Lux Style Award and the entire team has been over the moon for this success. The producers of the show sent lavish goodies to the team of the show on this success, but this backfired as critics say that instead of helping Baloch’s poor parents, the producers instead spent on useless goodies.

Nighat Dad, a lawyer and activist pointed out the lavish goodies distributed to the cast of the show to celebrate their LSA nominations.

“Beyond disgusted seeing how Baaghi production team is throwing away money in the form of goodies and celebrating 5 nominations at the Lux Style Awards. This money could have been used for her parents who are hand to mouth and still fighting for justice,” Nighat Dad, a lawyer and activist wrote in a Facebook post.

She added, “Before you watch Baaghi’s last episode tomorrow please know that the drama has made massive profit out of Qandeel’s plight, only bothered to send a few men who told the poor parents that they were going to write a book on her and only gave 50k to them as support a year ago. And by the way, they are legally covered under disclaimer.”

To this, the producer of the show, Nina Kashif, clarified what she called baseless gossip and rumours.

Kashif said that the producers of the show took proper permission from Baloch’s family in Urdu so that everyone could understand. It was signed by her parents and they were even given the compensation that they had asked for.

“I am shocked to see such baseless rumours being spread by someone who has no basis for this. All the information that is being falsely spread is wrong and baseless,” wrote Kashif.