A five-year-old girl was badly burnt by two sisters who performed a voodoo ritual on her in order to rid her of her ‘demons’. The incident took place in the US state of Massachusetts where Peggy LaBossiere, 51 and Rachel Hilaire, 40, performed the ritual on her because they thought that a demon was making a five-year-old girl misbehave.

According to the details provided, the women tied up the little girl and blew fire over her face. Due to the incident, the girl’s face was left permanently disfigured.

The police further stated that the suspects lacerated the victim’s arm and collar area with a needle-like object and poured burning substance over her eyes. The women also threatened to behead the girl’s brother with a machete.

It was also reported that the suspects were the victim’s mother’s client who used to work as a hairdresser. She had mentioned to LaBossiere that her young daughter misbehaves to which she suggested that she might be possessed by demons. The mother is now receiving mental health treatment.

In the past, the pair stated, they have performed “cleansing baths” for friends and family and said children get burned as spirits escape their bodies.

The sisters, who belong from East Bridgewater Massachusetts, refuted the allegations and pleaded not guilty to assault, mayhem and other charges.

Meanwhile the five-year-old sustained third-degree burns all over her face with permanent damage. Along with her brother, the young girl was taken into custody by state welfare authorities.

On Wednesday, the women will be back in court for a hearing to determine whether they can be discharged on bail.