A Russian dancer who was working in Egypt was recently arrested by the authorities for alleged ‘incitement to debauchery’ after a video emerged, showing her scantily dressed went viral on the social media.

The woman, who has been identified as Ekaterina Andreeva worked as a belly dancer in Egypt and was known her stage name ‘Gawhara’. It has been learnt that she will be deported from Egypt and will not be able to set foot in the country again.

The video showing Andreeva has gone viral on the web ever since it was released. It shows the dancer clad in revealing lace clothes and moving sensually to the music at a club in Cairo.

According to the details provided, Andreeva is being held in a Cairo police station and she will be sent back to Russia on Saturday. Authorities have also accused her of not having proper documentation which allow her to work and live in Egypt.

Meanwhile Andreeva’s lawyer Mohammad Saleh has denied these allegations and he says that his client has been living and working in the country lawfully.

Ever since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power in Egypt, he has tried to enact strict moral codes in the country. Authorities have cracked down on some artists in the country using the wide-ranging morality laws.

In December, a 21-year-old Egyptian singer by the name of Shyma was sentenced to two years in prison over a racy music video clip which showed her acting as a teacher and performing vulgar moves in front of her class.