A distressed 25-year-old man from Rawalpindi tried to commit suicide by jumping into a 100-feet deep well. He then proved to be a hurdle in the rescue operations as he refused to come out for hours on end.

The incident took place on Sunday as Danish Ali, a resident of Bakra Mandi area, jumped in a deep well which still had water in it. The incident took place on Sunday and initially it was being said that he had fallen into the well while he was trying to fix a water pump.

However, when the rescuers reached the scene, they learnt that Ali was in no mood to come back up as he was trying to take his own life.

“Reportedly, he was disturbed over some family matters. He refused to be rescued. When one of the rescuers went down initially, the man threatened to capture him as well,” a Rescue 1122 official told the local newspapers.

The rescuer was pulled back up, after which the remaining team started counseling the youth and convincing him to reconsider his decision. It took them hours to really knock some sense into Ali, after which another rescuer went down and safely brought him back up.

Apparently Ali had a fight at home and he was really upset over the issue. The reason he did not drown in water was because he was holding onto something.

He suffered no injury but was in a shock, officials said. The whole operation lasted three hours, and over a dozen officials took part in the operation.
Initially, Ali refused to go to the hospital but a senior rescue officer then talked and convinced him to see a doctor, following which he was shifted to the nearby Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi.