A 19-year-old shooter opened fire at a school in Florida, leaving 17 people dead. The suspect has been identified as Nikolas Cruz, who was a former student at the same school where he opened fire.

According to the details provided, Cruz arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School though an Uber at 2:19 pm on Wednesday and entered the school carrying a rifle in a soft black case. He then began shooting at 2:21 pm, moving from room to room and between the school’s floors. At one point, he returned to a class room to open fire on the student in it again.

Cruz then left his rifle and bag and safely came out of the school by concealing himself among the fleeing students. He crossed the building, the tennis courts and playing fields without even being detected.

After that, the shooter went to a Walmart, bought a drink from Subway restaurant and went to a McDonald’s to have food. The authorities were able to identify him and track him down, eventually leading to his arrest at 3:41 pm, about 40 minutes after he left the restaurant.

It was also confirmed by the officials, that the AR-15 rifle used by Cruz was lawfully bought by him almost a year ago from Florida.

Earlier on Thursday, Cruz was reported to have confessed to carrying out the shooting, one of the worst massacres in modern American history. Cruz told interrogating officers of the Broward County sheriff’s office that he “began shooting students that he saw in the hallways and on school grounds”, according to the report.

This latest episode of senseless shooting has again sparked a debate on gun violence and impassioned calls have been made to amend the law so that such instances can be avoided in the future.