The Interpol has released its most recent ‘Most Wanted’ list in which the name of Mujahidullah Afridi is also there. He is the prime accused in the murder case of Asma Rani, who reportedly fled the country after shooting her dead.

Afridi had shot Rani dead in Kohat in cold blood, for the sole reason that she had refused his marriage proposal. He was accompanied by an accomplice who is also on the run with him.

The Interpol was approached through the Federal Investigation Agency, with the request to help find the accused so that he can face a trial in Pakistan.

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Police had shared Afridi’s passport number and other identification details with the international police.

According to the details provided, Rani was a third year medical student at Ayub Medical College. She had apparently turned down Afridi’s marriage proposal but this did not sit well with him. As a means of revenge, he decided to kill her for turning him down.

On January 27, Afridi and his cousin were waiting for Rani to come home, outside her house. As she as she got out from a rickshaw, along with her sister, Afridi pulled the trigger and shot her. She was rushed to the hospital but eventually she passed away unable to cope with her injuries.

As soon as Afridi shot her, him and his cousin rushed to the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad and flew out of the country.

Rani had named Afridi as her murderer, during her last breaths.