When news of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan hit the internet, the world wanted to know who the lady in question was this time. It was soon found out that this time around, Khan chose his spiritual leader, Bushra Wattoo to be his wife.

It was initially reported that Khan tied the knot on January 1. If that news is believed to be true, Bushra’s iddat period had still not ended at that time and that is against the laws of the shariah.

However, the report of Khan’s wedding taking place on January 1 was refuted by the party and instead pictures of the nikkah ceremony were shared a few days back with the party stating that the wedding had taken place on Feb 18.

A close friend of Bushra, has claimed that her iddat ended on February 14 after her divorce from her first husband. After that period had ended, the PTI chairman married Bushra on February 18.

“Marriage is obviously a good thing. He (Imran) has the right to [tie the knot],” Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah Khan said, describing the gathering as a simple event that took place in Lahore.

She said that Imran had formally sent a marriage proposal to Bushra’s mother and the nikah was attended by Bushra’s close relatives, including her mother and brother.

Meanwhile the reporter who first broke news of Khan’s wedding, still maintains that it took place on January 1, and at that time Bushra’s iddat period has still not ended.