The entertainment industry went through a shock after news of Sri Devi’s untimely demise hit the waves last week. One of the first female Bollywood superstar passed away after accidental drowning in her hotel’s bathtub in Dubai.

On Wednesday, Sri Devi’s husband, Boney Kapoor, released a heartfelt letter in which he bid farewell to his wife and thanked all her fans and well-wishers for their support during this time.

In the letter, Kapoor wrote that the most important woman in his life had passed away leaving behind their two daughters. He continued that at this time, his priority is the protection of his daughters Janhvi and Khushi.

In a media statement here, Kapoor said, “My only concern at this time is to protect my daughters and find a way to move forward without Sri. She was our life, our strength and the reason we always smiled. We love her beyond measure.”

“She was my love, my friend, mother to our girls, my partner. To our daughter, she was everything in their life. She was the axis around which our family ran.”

Expressing his gratitude to all for supporting him in this hour of grief, including his family members, Boney Kapoor said, “I am blessed to have the support and love from (son) Arjun and (daughtger) Anshula, who have been such pillars of strength for myself, Khushi and Janhvi. Together, as a family, we have tried to face this unbearable loss.”

“Our lives will never be the same again,” he concluded.

Sri Devi passed away on Saturday in Dubai and her body was flown to Mumbai where her last rites were performed on Wednesday. She was given a state funeral and thousands of people attended it including celebrities, politicians and sports figures.