People have called-off their weddings at the very last moments due to various strange reasons. However, what tops the list this month is an incident in which an Indian bride refused to marry her groom because he was bald.

According to the details provided, the groom, identified as Dr Ravi Kumar, was a neurologist at a Delhi hospital. The wedding festivities were going in full swing and everything was as planned till the time the bride removed Kumar’s turban before taking final rounds of the wedding.

When she removed the turban, she found out that the groom was nearly bald. Her expression changed at once and she refused to proceed with the wedding festivities. Despite her family’s insistence, the girl refused to budge, saying that she would never marry a bald man.

How such a big thing failed to come under the notice of the bride Sugauli village in West Champaran, earlier is still a mystery.

After the last-minute refusal, Kumar’s family went through an extensive search for another bride and in due time, they found him another match who did not take his baldness to heart.

The new bride, named Neha Kumari, hailed from the same village and she accepted Kumar’s proposal even after finding out the entire ordeal he had to go through. The couple got married later at a local temple without any extravagant festivities.