A Pakistani worker has been charged with murdering his supervisor in Dubai after he stabbed him for sexually harassing him.

According to the details provided, the 22-year-old convict belonged from Pakistan but he had been working in Dubai for the past few years. After his arrest, he told the police that his boss had been sexually abusing him for the past one year. This time around, he got angry and stabbed his boss, not knowing that the wound will kill him.

The convict denied that he intended to murder his boss saying; “He attacked me first and I was defending myself.”

It has been learnt that the victim called the suspect on the day of the murder at 11 pm, and asked to meet him in a parking lot.

He told the investigation team: “I was walking near the accommodation in Al Quoz when the victim called me. He wanted me to meet him in the parking lot, expressing his sexual desires towards me. As I turned his invitation down, he said no matter what I did I should still see him in the accommodation. He also insulted and threatened to hurt me.”

The convict also told the prosecutor: “On my way, I could not help being angry and stopped at a supermarket and bought a knife.”

When he got to the parking lot, the victim first slapped him and then tried to force himself on the convict. However, the offender stabbed him several time forcing the victim to step back. He eventually took a few steps back and collapsed to his death.

The court has awarded the offender with a seven year jail term and deportation after the completion of the term.