Film producer Ram Gopal Verma recently penned down an open letter in which he shed light on Sridevi’s unhappy life. The letter’s contents shocked many as the film-maker revealed some details which were not known to the public.

Verma had known Sridevi for years and he had even directed some of her biggest hits including; Govindhaa Govindhaa, Hairaan and Great Robbery.

In the letter, Verma writes that Sridevi had been a ‘very unhappy woman’ and her life was a “classic case of how each person’s actual life is completely different from how the world perceives it.”

Verma reveals in the letter, that Sridevi’s father had distributed him money among friends and relatives for fear of tax raids. However, after he passed away, none of the friends and family returned the money to the family and betrayed them in the end.

Sridevi’s mother also made many wrong investments in litigated properties which further made Sridevi penniless. To add to her worries, her sister eloped with a neighbor and after their mother’s death, filed a case on Sridevi, demanding half of the entire property that the mother had bequeathed before dying. “Her sister claimed that their mother was insane and not in her senses when she signed the will due to the brain surgery,” writes Verma.

When Sridevi met Boney Kapoor, he was already married to Mona Kapoor and even had children with her. However, a romance sparked between the two forcing Boney to divorce Mona. In that case, Sridevi was considered a home-wrecker and at one point in time, Boney’s mother even punched the actress in her stomach.

Verma concluded the letter by saying that another thing which really bothered Sridevi were her looks as she was insecure about them.

“More than external peace, her internal mental state was a high degree of concern and this caused her to look down upon her own self. She was the most beautiful woman for so many people. But did she think she was beautiful?” asked Verma.