The son of a former Inspector-General Police (IGP) of Punjab, allegedly subjected a passenger to brutal torture when the man had asked him not to smoke in a no-smoking zone at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.

The victim has been identified as Adeel Khan, who had arrived at the airport from Turkish Airlines flight TK-710 and was waiting for his luggage at the airport. While waiting, Khan and some other passengers saw a man smoking in the no-smoking zone.

Khan, being a responsible citizen, approached the man and asked him not to smoke as he was causing inconvenience to other passengers. However, instead of adhering, the man—who was later identified as Mohsin Khattak, son of Usman Khattak—subjected Khan to brutal torture.

Khattak, along with two accomplices, beat Khan, tore his clothes and humiliated him in front of everyone for the sole reason that he had asked him not to smoke.

After the incident, Khan wrote a complaint to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and later to Islamabad Police, detailing the incident and asking for justice. Several other passengers also lodged written complaints against Khattak for violence, hooliganism and high-headedness.

It was also reported that during the incident, the CAA and Airport Security Force (ASF) authorities did not intervene or try to control the situation.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has taken notice of the incident and directed Islamabad police to conduct a detailed inquiry and submit a report to him within next 48 hours.