A two-year-old boy shot dead his 11-month-old brother in Alabama’s city of Mobile, United States, on Monday. The incident has raised concerns about gun safety yet again and how safe it is to keep one at the house.

According to the children’s parents, their two-year-old son had found their gun in the bedroom and shot the infant while no one was in the room. It was also reported that at least four other children were also living in the residence, but all of them were reported to be safe.

After the shooting, the infant was rushed to the hospital but he was declared dead after a while as doctors could not do anything to restore him. The infant, who was 11-months-old, was shot in the back.

According to the details provided by the police, the children’s mother was about to leave the house when the incident took place.

“Mother had gone out back to let her know that she was getting ready to leave the residence when we believe the two-year-old came out and told his grandmother that his ears were ringing,” Lawrence Battiste, Mobile police chief, said.

When the elders asked that boy what had happened, he told them that he had shot at his brother who was in the room.

It was reported that a 9mm handgun was used in the incident that was kept in the parent’s bedroom. Despite the parent’s negligence, the police will not be filing any charges in the Monday shooting.

Mobile police spokesperson Charlette Solis said, “Regardless of how this business plays out, as a parent to know that you possibly left a weapon where your child could be injured, you’ve got to live with that pain for a long time.”