They started off with a computer playing drums and bass for them, but soon after the band released their first single, Kaali Raatein, Irtaash was complete with a full line of talented underground musicians, taking the band to heights, none of any other underground band had achieved in Islamabad.

In November 2001, they started off with a trio, built-on Yasir Jaswal (vocals), Farooq Shah (lead guitars) and Kaiser (rhythm guitars), all of whom designed a well composed rock melody called Kaali Raatein which spread throughout Islamabad’s Radio Channels and websites like a wildfire and then throughout Pakistan.

A year later, the song took Irtaash to massive heights after being rated as one of the most requested songs on Islamabad’s radio station FM 101, soon after which the band’s ‘computer’ was finally replaced with Talha, who took over bass, while Ali Nadeem came on drums. The band added another inclusion to their line-up bringing in Umer Sohail on rhythm guitars after Kaiser had to leave for abroad to pursue higher education.

2006 brought more publicity for Irtaash as they grew into becoming a household name in Pakistan’s underground music scene, and with the audience wanting more of the band; the group launched another treat for their fans, called Khauf.

Soon after its release, the song received 60000 downloads in one month, but more over Irtaash finally released the much awaited music video of Kaali Raatein, which went on to air across all music channels of Pakistan.

That same year, the band started working on their debut album at one of Islamabad’s popular studios, S&M Studios Islamabad but towards the end of 2006, Farooq Shah, had to bid farewell to Irtaash in order to pursue his studies abroad.

In 2008, the band’s drummer, Ali Nadeem also bid farewell to Irtaash, and soon after that, the group went on to perform throughout the city with touring members from different bands and session players.

However, the band members’ shuffling did not stop them from gaining more heights after Irtaash launched another of its music video under the title of Tu Nahien, which like their other hits, grew into another common hit in the city.