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Taliban Suicide Bombing In Kabul Results In 28 Dead, Hundreds Wounded

Many were left dead or wounded in Kabul on Tuesday after a serious car bomb exploded followed by a severe firefight, according to the Afghan president. The Taliban claim responsibility for the attack and it comes a week following the insurgents launching of their annual spring offensive. The attack occurred near government offices resulting in […]

More Than 20 States To Take Part in Saudi-Led Military Exercise In Gulf Region

Armed forces and military personnel from over 20 countries converged in Saudi Arabia on Sunday for what is the largest military exercise campaign in the region’s history. Dubbed “The Thunder of the North” the exercise includes ground, air, and naval drills and is generally seen as a showcase of the Saudi Arabia’s weight in the […]

Dubai Will be Hosting the World’s Largest Fitness Expo in 2016

Fitness Expo Dubai

Dubai is known for its exuberance and its ability to go against all odds and achieve titles envied around the world. The words biggest, largest, tallest and most expensive have become synonymous with the emirate and now it is set to add yet another title to its growing collection – that of the World’s Largest […]

Abbas calls on Hamas to cede power in Gaza Strip

Mahmood Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to break their alliance with Hamas if Islamists insist handle Gaza as if they were still in power. Under the agreement signed in April between all Palestinian factions, a Cabinet of unity, technocrat, who since June 2 has the mandate to rule in both Gaza and the West Bank […]

Gunmen retains 43 UN peacekeepers in Golan Heights

iraq and syria

An armed group retained 43 UN peacekeepers, originating in Fiji, the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, as confirmed by the office of the secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon in New York. The soldiers belong to UNDOF, Force UN Disengagement Observer, a mission established in 1974, after the Yom Kippur War, in order to maintain peace in […]

Islamic State claims to have killed 250 Syrian army personals

iraq and syria

The jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) have killed dozens of Syrian troops after taking Tabqa air base in the province of Raqa, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), an NGO based in London and field staff. The military complex was conquered by the fundamentalists of EI on Sunday and after weeks […]

Indefinite ceasefire in Gaza agreed


Palestinian and Israeli negotiators reached yesterday lasting ceasefire after 50 days of the Gaza offensive. At seven pm  came into force on cessation of hostilities resisted for more than one month. It is best that no end date, like other temporary truces raped, that did not end with Operation Margin Protector, in which 2,138 Palestinians […]

UN estimates 191,000 dead during war in Syria

iraq and syria

The dead for more than three years of war in Syria are already 191,369. This has been documented UN on Friday, in a report commissioned by the human rights office clarifies that the figure probably underestimates the number of deaths because in some cases “missing elements of verification.” The document, based on five different sources, […]

Extortion: Source of Islamic State finances

Islamic State

The German government disavowed minister on Friday blamed Qatar Islamic State funding (EI). But the slip holder Development, Gerd Müller, has brought to light a suspicion that is often repeated in Iraq. Even the Prime Minister in office now, Nuri al-Maliki, said the rich Emirate and Saudi Arabia as blame for the current situation. What […]

Hamas executes 18 for collaborating with Israel


Hamas has killed 18 Palestinians accusing them of collaborating with Israel. News agency Al Ray has confirmed, linked to the Islamist organization, and own TV group, adding that all the dead were men, were killed in a police station Capital Gaza and had previously been ” convicted by the courts “. The agency Maan added […]

USA maintains attacks in Iraq against Islamic State

US airstrikes in Iraq

The threats that the Islamic State (EI) launched against the United States in the video that showed the execution of American journalist James Foley has not stopped Washington. American planes bombed positions of the jihadists in northern Iraq, reports the BBC. Fighters and American navy drones  have also provided air cover Thursday to Iraqi and […]

Israel kills 3 Hamas commanders in an airstrike in Gaza

gaza strip shelling by israel

Hamas and Israel ‘s intelligence services (Shin Bet) have confirmed that three of the six dead in Gaza early this morning are high commanders of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamist organization. It is Raed al- Attar, Mohammed and Mohammed Abu Shamala Barhoum. The first two are regarded as the principal […]


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