Gunmen retains 43 UN peacekeepers in Golan Heights

Saturday, August 30th, 2014 9:26:07 by
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An armed group retained 43 UN peacekeepers, originating in Fiji, the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, as confirmed by the office of the secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon in New York. The soldiers belong to UNDOF, Force UN Disengagement Observer, a mission established in 1974, after the Yom Kippur War, in order to maintain peace in the border between Syria and Israel, a task that has been successful for decades.

His work is displayed in a range of 70 kilometers, which have been captured. The UN confirms that they were near Quneitra, which have intensified fighting between loyalist troops during the last week Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the rebel troops. Another 75 members of the peacekeeping force from the Philippines, also caught between the towns of al- Burayqa Ruwayhina and even in their regular positions, but unable to move in the crossfire would.

Although the UN is not clear in whose hands is exactly this quota, the television network Al Arabiya claims that the attack was perpetrated by Al Nusra Front, which is the subsidiary recognized by Al Qaeda on Syrian soil. The Ahrar al Sham, Bait al Maqdis and Jarra’a own Free Syrian Army factions also allegedly involved in the capture, other faction adds anti Asad, Fallujah – Liwa Houran, on his Facebook page.

For now there has not been any claim or statement has been found at these soldiers. Back in March of last year another 21 Filipinos were kidnapped in the Golan Heights and released via Jordan, three days later, unharmed. According to UN data, the current detachment of UNDOF is composed of 1,250 troops from the Philippines, Fiji, India, Nepal, Ireland and the Netherlands, over 78 military observers, 46 international and 97 local civilians.

The area in which the events have occurred on Wednesday fell into the hands of dissidents in Damascus, as confirmed by groups like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Armed rebels have managed to take the nearest land outside Israel, in any case, the Islamic State (EI). Three mortars fell yesterday on Israeli soil, although fire would be unintentional but the result of shock, intense, loyal and between opponents. Nevertheless, after two wounded dejasen shots -a soldier and a civilian, both out of dangerous Israel decided to respond without having transcended the consequences of their action.

Both the Observatory and the Local Coordination Committees, another Syrian opposition group, confirmed this afternoon fighting continues in the area, especially around the town of Jaba.

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